Parent + Caregiver Resources

Parents and Caregivers are the most important influence in children's lives… even when they grow into tweens and teens! Our kids don't come with an instruction manual, but these resources can help with common parenting questions and challenges.

70% of Franklin County teens say their parents know their friends' parents

Connection with other parents and caregivers

Communication between parents encourages common rules and expectations for kids- and gives parents needed support! Just Say Yes Parent Cafes are a great way to get connected to other parents and caregivers while gaining skills to strengthen your family.

87% of Franklin County teens easily get warmth adn care from their parents

Staying connected with tweens + teens

As tweens and teens gain independence, a strong relationship with caregivers is more important than ever.

21% of Franklin Countyteens had tried alcohol by age 13

Preventing teen substance use

Drinking at a young age not only increases lifetime risk of dependency but also sharply increases risk of injury and trauma from accidents, violence, and unplanned or unwanted sexual behavior. Parents and caregivers can reduce their kids’ risk by talking with their kids about alcohol and other drugs and taking steps to prevent teen drinking.

19% of Franklin County teens have cut or harmed themselves on purpose

Promoting Mental well being

Ensuring that students are getting enough sleep, are connected to activities they enjoy in supportive environments, and have balanced screen & social media habits are all important to teens’ mental health.

Together we can create the conditions for our next generation to grow up healthy and drug-free.