Just Say Yes is a commitment to our young people to to create conditions that set them up for success.

Just Say Yes is a coalition headquartered at the Franklin County Health Department. Franklin County Health Department is our Fiscal and Administrative Agent.

What's our focus?

Factors like access to fun, healthy activities when school’s out, and parents and caregivers that are connected, supported and informed about what kids need to thrive.

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

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The Yes Card

A Yes Card is an electronic gift card that can be used to pay for youth activities from a list of approved providers in Franklin County. It is part of Just Say Yes, a youth wellness and substance use prevention initiative that encourages positive support for young people in Franklin County.

Youth Activity Calendar

Looking for ways to get involved in our town? Our calendar features free and cheap activities for youth and families.

The Survey

The Franklin County Youth Survey is an anonymous, in-depth survey that gives us a detailed picture of what’s going on with kids in Franklin County right now. We’re working with parents, schools, local government and businesses to translate data into action for our kids.

Our coalition works together to alter the environmental factors that make kids more or less likely to engage in risky behaviors. The changes our children deserve can only be accomplished by working together in new ways. Our coalition partners – together with youth and family representatives – have committed to fostering healthy environments that help kids thrive.

Meet Our Staff

Amelia Berry

Amelia Berry

Just Say Yes Project Director

As JSY Project Director at FCHD, Amelia is responsible for ensuring the project’s effectiveness at achieving its primary substance use prevention goals. She manages the coalition’s strategic direction, partnerships and sustainability, and is responsible for leading local implementation of the 10 steps of the Icelandic Prevention Model on which JSY is based. Prior to her work at FCHD, Amelia served as Executive Director of Yes Arts, a non-profit whose mission is to mobilize the power of community and the arts to disrupt the cycle of addiction. While at Yes Arts, Amelia initiated the partnership with FCHD that eventually became Just Say Yes. In 2019, Amelia was named a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Leader, an opportunity that provided three years of leadership development training focused on health equity. With lived experience in the juvenile justice system following long-term exposure to adverse community environments and adverse childhood experiences, Amelia draws her passion for prevention from the constellation of protective individual and systemic supports that changed the trajectory of her life. She is regularly asked to present nationally and internationally about the innovative ways Just Say Yes is adapting the Icelandic Prevention Model in Kentucky. Amelia has two children and previously served as Vice Chair of the Frankfort Independent Schools Board of Education.

Ellery Denny

Ellery Denny

Yes Card Coordinator

    Ellery holds an MPH from the University of Kentucky, where her concentration was health systems and policy analytics. Ellery has worked as a Population Health Strategist for both the Jessamine and Franklin County Health Departments. In these roles, her work has included: coordinating community coalitions, implementing evidence based curriculums in schools; and collaborating with community partners to reach shared goals. As JSY Program Coordinator, Ellery oversees the YES Card program as well as coordination of parent and youth engagement and outreach.

    Sabrina Gordon

    Sabrina Gordon

    Parent Engagement Specialist

      Sabrina is a certified nonprofit professional with over 15 years experience in education and nonprofit management, and has led the Parent Cafe teams since March 2022. In addition to her part-time role as Parent Engagement Specialist with FCHD, Sabrina serves as Assistant Executive Director of the Bourbon County YMCA in Paris, Kentucky. Sabrina also serves as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate in Bourbon County. She is a founding member of Family Circle Inc. whose mission is to strengthen the community by facilitating the development of programs, services, and activities that are family centered, promote active lifestyles, and encourage balanced living. She lives in Franklin County, where she raises her teenaged son and serves on the Frankfort Independent Schools Board of Education.

      Rebecca Redding

      Rebecca Redding

      Marketing Coordinator

        Rebecca received her Masters Degree from Savannah College of Art and Design. With a focus in design and marketing, her passion is in growing nonprofits through communication and awareness.  Rebecca has over ten years of experience in the marketing field, spending pieces of her professional career at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky Monthly Magazine and Goodwood Brewing and Spirits. She volunteers for several local organizations and owns her own photography business. Rebecca began working with the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation soon after its inception as their contract website designer. With a passion to serve and a love of children, she volunteered to join the board and has been very involved ever since- serving as board chair in 2021 and continually assisting with fundraising efforts. She is currently the Director of Marketing. Through a grant, she collaborates with Just Say Yes on a weekly basis as part of her position with WJRF.

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